My friend Alan’s amazing hobby-collecting eyeglasses frames

Influenced by Alan, I am almost become an expert in collecting eyeglasses frames. Alan has the habit for almost two years, and now has more than two hundred different kinds of them. And I would like to tell you how crazy and addicted she was when the topic is about them.

In fact, Alan got the habit because of a journey we went together. She was influenced by our guide, who had changed 8 pair of glasses in our seven days’ trip! Alan was really interested in his glasses, and had a quite long conversation with him. The guide even took us to his home and showed us his collecting of almost hundreds of glasses. We were really shocked and the first time to know that eyeglasses could be collected. Since then, Alan began his way of collecting them.

She enjoys spending a whole afternoon going shopping just for a new kind of eyeglasses frames. Of cause, I often accompany her. When she finds a new one, she would patiently ask the seller about the details about it. Most of the time, she will buy them without any hesitation.

One time, she got a piece of exciting news that a new kind of eyeglasses frame which was design by a famous male designer would be on sale in market. Because of its rare number and expensive price, it was expected to be purchased soon. Because of this, Alan asked me to accompany her to buy it in spite of the class! It was indeed an exciting adventure. We hung around outside for a whole morning and finally bought one. Because of absence of class, we were commanded to do cleaning for entirely a whole week.

There are more unbelievable behaviors for Alan only for her favorite eyeglasses frames, the example of which is that she will stop a stranger to keep asking about his or her glasses. It is really embarrassing for these people, and they often say something simple and go away. And now, Alan begins to get crazy about buying eyeglasses frames online. She told me that the products online are not only cheap but also various in shape. She even has bought more than thirty via the online company.

Influenced by Alan, I think I really know much information about eyeglasses frames. I even search on these websites, such as, to see some new products. And now I must admit this habit is indeed a bit interesting.

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