Buying Kid’s Prescription Glasses for My Son

My nine-year-old son got near sighted because he watched TV so much and didn’t pay any attention to protect his eyes. After being informed of the accurate degree of his eyes by the professional doctor, I decided to buy my son his first pair of prescription glasses carefully for I knew the first pair of glasses makes great importance to his eyes. I turned to all my friends for advice and most of them recommended me an online glasses store which provides reputable and reliable kids’ glasses at rather low prices.

I entered the website and choose the kid’s category where glasses of different colors and styles only intended for children are available. Every pair of eyeglasses has its detailed information and introduction which saved me a lot of time of asking. Buying kids’ glasses is kind of different from choosing glasses for adults and as a jackaroo I contacted the customer service who is willing to help customers all the time.

I told my son’s situation to her and as I expected she gave me professional guidance and suggestion. She helped me choose a plastic frame which is mush lighter than those normal ones. She told me that children are growing every second and if they wear heavy glasses on their noses the growth of the nose may be affected and sometimes noses may even get distorted. As for the style and color, she told me that it was as important as choosing a frame, which was indigestible to me. I had thought that children didn’t care their appearance at all and the glasses were just for them to see things clearly. After her explanation, I realized that children are more sensitive than we think, and once they feel glasses make them laughable and look ugly they’ll get hatred towards glasses for a long time. Thanks to the help of the customer service, I got a pair of prescription glasses which my son likes very much and with the glasses he never feel embarrassed or laughed. As the store promises, the quality of glasses is excellent and I always feel lucky to buy a pair of fine glasses at a low price, 30% of the price in a retail store.

I’m very satisfied with the whole procedure of buying my son’s prescription glasses in the online glasses store – The glasses are good but cheap, and the service is considerate. No wonder this store has so many repeat customers and I’ve decided to buy all my son’s glasses from it.

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